Bencienni SRL, affiliate Mail Boxes Etc., was born in January 2016 from an idea by Alessio Piccardi who, following his experience in the MBE store in Figline Valdarno (FI), decides to embark on a new adventure with his fraternal friend Gabrio Torricelli.
The first operating point was inaugurated in Montevarchi (AR): MBE 2529.
Since the beginning of its activity, Bencienni SRL has distinguished itself in the transport of wine for the numerous Tuscan farms, thanks to the favorable geographical position which allows it to be easily connected with the entire surrounding wine-growing territory.

The internationalization of wine transport is the company’s core business and it has grown considerably in a short time, organizing and perfecting procedures according to its customers’ needs.
Even the corporate structure has evolved, integrating Laura Piccardi, Giacomo Betta and Vanni Ermini, all fundamental people in Alessio’s personal and professional formation.
In November 2017 the second store, MBE 2682, was opened in the historic center of Florence.

This has allowed Bencienni SRL to develop other business lines, acquiring skills and notions relating to the transport of luggage, precious goods, works of art, leather objects etc.
The center of Florence immediately attracts multiple types of customers and sees its staff constantly engaged in various types of activities such as moving, hotel shipments, e-commerce services, luggage storage and much more.

A year later, the system of shipping wine to the United States has already run in and Bencienni SRL decides to land in the USA, opening its own direct import channel for the delivery of wine to private individuals. Thus was born Bencienni LLC based in Florida.

In 2020 Bencienni SRL opens its 3rd store in Montalcino (SI), the nerve center of its core business.

Today Bencienni SRL has 4 operating centers, including one overseas, with more than 30 collaborators committed to making their professional experience a work of art.