We ship documents, parcels and pallets in Italy and worldwide using the best express couriers and offering a wide range of optional and personalized services.
Our staff will take care of your goods from the moment it is entrusted to us until the delivery to the recipient.

Wine shipping

Sending samples, selling products in European, Extra-Cee countries and in particular in the United States are activities that require advice and information support in addition to a tested and effective logistics. Thanks to the experience accumulated by the owner over more than 15 years, our company has developed an exclusive system for shipping wine and sparkling wine to private and business customers in the United States and around the world. Contact us for further information

Our top services:

  • Pick up of your shipment at your address
    (including international removals)
  • Technical advice for shipping practices
  • Certified and safe packaging for all types of goods:
    Professional techniques | reinforced boxes | certified wine cellars | wooden crates | special packaging | ECO-FRIENDLY packaging | bubble wrap and polystyrene chips | customized ribbon | impact protectors | customized packaging | different assemblies by recipient
  • Support and creation of the necessary customs documentation
  • Order fulfillment in 24/48 h
  • Immediate tracking number reception service and online consultation
  • Control of the transit of the goods until delivery has taken place
  • Storage for any type of goods + luggage storage
  • Domicile agreement at our stores, with the possibility of receiving unlimited parcels
  • Integrated logistics
  • Logistics for e-commerce

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